DeSales University’s New Business Analytics MS Degree Equips Students with Highly Job-Marketable Skills

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DeSales MS in business analytics equips eventual degree-holders with very desirable workplace skills.
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In the age of information, data is king. But it isn’t enough for businesses to be able to collect data — users must know how to leverage it. The new Master of Science in business analytics (MSBA) program at DeSales University is designed to equip grads for just that kind of career.

Fully online, this 30-credit program prepares students to become business analysts.

The program can be completed in a little more than a year or on a part-time basis, depending on each student’s needs.

“Every business, every process, and every employee produces data faster than ever before,” says Brennan Pursell, Ph.D., director of the Center for Data Analytics. “There is value in that data. The goal is for businesses to get their data to work for them.”

This specialization may be why, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for business analysts is growing. Its stats also indicate a high earnings potential for individuals pursuing this career.

In addition to learning from expert professors and industry professionals, students enrolled in the MSBA program will have the opportunity to train with market-leading software and analytics platform providers. They can also take advantage of DeSales’ Data Analytics Room —an ergonomic classroom boasting a corporate-grade SMART board and complete distance-learning connectivity.

For those unsure of whether they want to complete the entire MSBA, two stackable certificates are available. Students can begin by earning a certificate in software solutions and decide whether they want to proceed to earn their certificate in data modeling. Once these certificates are completed, a single capstone course is required to earn the MSBA degree. If students are already trained in software, they can skip the first certificate altogether.

In addition, students who choose to enroll in the Master of Business Administration program will have the option to concentrate on business analytics, taking four core classes from the MSBA program.

More information on DeSales’ pathway to a vital career in business analytics is online.