This King of Prussia Restaurant is a Haven for Allergen-Free Entrees

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Student Sanya Tinaikar reviewed a King of Prussia restaurant known for its vegan and allergen-free ingredients for the Los Angeles Times, and here’s what she discovered.

Gluten-free and vegan? Yes please. King of Prussia’s True Food Kitchen offers an extensive menu onto items that serve those with allergies and without.

This eco-chic chain serves health-conscious fare, including vegan and gluten-free flatbreads, seafood, soups and salads, as well as lemonades, teas, and tisanes.

A meal of lemonade, Korean Noodles and Squash Pie are just a few of the amazing dishes like pizzas, burgers, paninis, and wraps that cater to those that are looking for taste and flavor yet vegan and gluten-free, and True Food Kitchen delivers.

For many with wheat or celiac allergies, the Kitchen offers many sandwiches and ‘burgers’ on gluten-free bread, and there’s none of that awkward “is this gluten-free” conversation happening, as everything already is. Read through the menu to find a dish that works for you.

Plus, desserts like vegan and gluten-free flourless choclate cake and vegan strawberry cheesecake totally deliver.

Prices might be a bit higher than other cafes, but True Food Café offers warmth, smiles, and good food.

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