Philadelphia Region’s Highest Paying Business Careers for 2022

Sales Manager in an office

The top careers have seen a bit of a shake-up in recent years, but one thing that has not changed is that jobs focusing on business are still some of the highest paying options in the region.

Courtesy of information collected by Zippia, here is a ranking of the highest paying business careers in Philadelphia.

Natural Sciences Managers

This is a supervisory role over scientists, which could include chemists, biologists, and physicists. The average pay is around $141,000.


There are many managerial positions that made this list, so this category applies to all the general titles of managers that fall outside those other roles. The typical salary is over $145,000.


The reputation of lawyers making a profit still holds true in 2022. One of the few non-managerial roles on this list, you can expect to make over $145,000.

Marketing Managers

Oversee the marketing department as they plan and develop campaigns to further initiatives or products. Pay is often above $152,000.

Purchasing Managers

As the name suggests, this role oversees the purchasing done by a company, which could pertain to things such as products, goods, or services. Around $152,000 is the common salary.

Sales Managers

This managerial role leads the sales team by setting their target goals and tracking the success of their initiatives. This is another job with a salary of around $152,000.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

The person in charge for projects that deal with construction, renovation, and similar duties. This role comes with an expected salary of more than $159,000.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

This individual ensures the company is properly equipped with the technology and software needed to meet their goals. Over $162,000 would be the average salary.

Financial Managers

In this role, you are handling a company or organization’s finances. That means advising what to devote spending to and offering suggestions for how to better maximize profit margins. Over $169,000 would be your expected salary.

Chief Executives

The top position on this list is quite the outlier, making nearly $100,000 more than the next highest job on this list. With a typical salary of more than $266,000, the chief executive is the highest paying business position you can find in Philadelphia.

As you can see, it is generally jobs at the managerial level that claim the top salaries. However, even within that role, the fields in which to apply those skills can vary greatly depending on your interests.

For all of Philadelphia’s top 100 highest paying professions, including outside of the business field, check out the Zippia post here.


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