7 Things You Should Never Wear to Work


Even if you have been in your professional career for years, it is still totally possible you have been perpetuating some bad habits.

Nobody wants to be rude or hurt your feelings, so you can often make a mistake for years before you realize it.

If you have ever had doubts about your own wardrobe, The Balance Careers shared some of the biggest fashion faux pas you can make at work.

Rewearing Old Clothes

Maybe life got hectic and you forgot to launder that shirt you wanted to wear. You might contemplate wearing it, thinking nobody will notice the wrinkles, but you will absolutely stand out compared to coworkers who wore their best.

Showing Too Much

Some dress codes leave room for interpretation, but that does not mean to start taking risks. Low necklines and short skirts will raise an eyebrow on women, and men who leave their shirts unbuttoned low will not be taken seriously.

Dressing Down

Even if the workplace is business casual, err on the side of going too professional over being too laid back.

Spreading the Wrong Message

If t-shirts are acceptable at your job, keep them plain. This is not the time to broadcast your personal beliefs on your clothes.

Not Dressing Comfortably

It’s great to look nice, but not at the expense of being in pain. Avoid severe high heels or anything that will have you hurting by the end of the day.

Overpowering Fragrance

You might enjoy your signature scent, but for others, it can make them nauseous or start sneezing. Keep your fragrance subtle.

Dressed for Nightlife

There is certainly some overlap between club clothes and office clothes, but keep choices like the sequin dress for the parties.

How you look is part of your first impression. Make sure you know what message your attire is saying to those who interact with you.

You can learn more about why these fashion choices are liable to cause problems by reading The Balance Careers here.



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