See How Montgomery County Ranked Among Counties with Lowest Credit Card Debt Per Capita in Pennsylvania

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Image via Pexels.

Montgomery County is near the top of the list among the counties with the lowest credit card debt per capita in Pennsylvania, according to a recently released report by SmartAsset.

To find the places with the least credit card debt, SmartAsset calculated the ratio of credit card debt to per capita income for each county. Additionally, SmartAsset calculated the ratio of this debt of credit cards to net wealth per capita to provide a broader picture of financial stability for a given area.

Montgomery County ranked in third place in Pennsylvania with the lowest credit card debt index of 90.81. This puts it at No. 160 nationwide.

The county has a per capita income of $49,905 and debt with credits cards of $3,928. That represents 7.9 percent of income and places the county at No. 7 statewide and No. 543 nationwide.

The county also has a per capita wealth of $68,334, which puts its debt of credit cards as a percentage of wealth at 5.7 percent. This puts Montgomery County in the fourth place in the state and No. 130 in the country.

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