Simmons Elementary Fifth-Grader Takes Top Spot at Montgomery County Math 24 Tournament

Angie Lee
Image via The Reporter Online.

Angie Lee, a fifth-grade student at Simmons Elementary School, is the winner of this year’s Montgomery County Math 24 Tournament hosted by the MCIU on May 26, according to a staff report from The Reporter Online.

In Math 24, students are shown four numbers which they need to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to reach 24. They have to use each number but the numbers can only be used once.

They can strengthen procedural fluency within the Math 24 game, which helps adaptive reasoning abilities and strategic thinking within stronger math skills.

The game strengthens the procedural fluency of the students and expands their strategic thinking and adaptive reasoning abilities.

Read more about the tournament and the Angie Lee win in The Reporter Online.

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