See Where Montgomery County Ranks in PA Among Counties Where Residents Earn the Most Investment Income

investment income
Image via Pexels.

To identify the places with the most investment income, SmartAsset compared all counties in the country based on three main metrics: ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, and net capital gains. The data was sourced from IRS Statistics of Income County Data.

Montgomery County ranks first in Pennsylvania among counties where residents earn the most investment income, according to a recently released report by SmartAsset.

Montgomery County placed first in Pennsylvania with an investment index of 13.38. This also put it among the top 50 in the nation at No. 30.

The county recorded $5,633,107 in net capital gains, comiing first in the state and No. 29 nationwide. This is significantly above Pennsylvania’s $409,689.

Ordinary dividends were at $1,991,406, making the county once again first in Pennsylvania and No. 27 nationwide.

Meanwhile, the county recorded $1,412,715 in qualified dividends, ranking first in the state. Nationwide this places Montgomery County at No. 29.

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