Nine-Year-Old from Bala Cynwyd Makes Earrings to Support Ukraine

Mia Ellen Ruggieri.

Mia Ellen Ruggieri, a fourth-grader from Bala Cynwyd, has joined forces with her mother, Jillian, to make earrings to help raise funds for Ukraine, writes Elizabeth Estrada for WHYY.

When the nine-year-old first saw what was happening in the European country, she was concerned about all of the people living there.

“I felt really worried about them,” she said “I would feel scared.”

She wanted to help from the start. At first, she considered a toy drive for children like her who were being displaced. Then she got a better idea. Her mother had recently revived her handmade jewelry business, and Mia realized the two of them could make jewelry for a sale that would benefit Ukraine.

So, after the pair did some brainstorming, the mother gathered her supplies, and they began creating.

Mia designed the earrings in blue and yellow tones after the Ukrainian flag. They posted part of the planned 100-pair inventory on Etsy, and they hosted an in-school jewelry sale.

“I sold all of the earrings in 20 minutes,” enthused Mia. “Twenty earrings!”

Fifty percent of each sale is donated. So far, the mother-daughter duo has already made $800 for the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund with CARE.

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