Climbing Grocery Costs Has Montco Shoppers Peeling off More Green to Purchase Greens

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Image via Karolina Grabowska at Pexels.
A slight drop in inflation recently hasn't translated to a reduction in sticker shock at area supermarkets.

April provided a modest reprieve in inflation, dropping to 0.3 percent from March’s staggering 1.2 percent. Nonetheless, some grocery items still saw prices steeply climb, writes Lauren Liebhaber for Stacker.

Year-over-year, the cost of groceries went up by 10.8 percent, the largest annual foodstuff increase in more than four decades.

The increase was primarily driven by growth in the prices of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs, which shot up by 14.3 percent compared with April 2021. The pain point has been evolving even longer than that; every month for the past 17 has had consumers experiencing cash register sticker shock.

The only category that dropped in price was fruit, which dipped 0.5 percent from March.

Meanwhile, dairy prices went up by 2.5 percent, the largest monthly increase for this category in 15 years.

The index for eggs increased by nearly 50 cents (10.3 percent) in April. The driver of that spike is a highly infectious avian influenza outbreak that caused many commercial poultry farms to cull millions of chickens.

Meat prices have also increased, mostly due to higher labor costs and commodity prices.

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