Blue Bell-based The Badger Group Teams Up with Durst Organization on Redevelopment of Penn’s Landing

penn's landing the badger group
Image via The Durst Organization, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Blue Bell-based The Badger Group has joined the Durst Organization’s project to redevelop Penn’s Landing into a district of residential towers, shops, and offices, writes Jacob Adelman for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Black-owned development firm led by president and chief executive Paul Badger will take part in the management of construction activities and selection and supervision of contractors and subcontractors, as well as community engagement.

The deal also provides Badger with an opportunity to acquire a 20 percent stake in the project.

“We look forward to partnering with The Durst Organization on a world-class project that will help transform the Delaware River waterfront,” said Paul Badger. “As someone who has long led efforts for diversity and inclusion in the construction and development sectors in our city, a top priority will be to ensure inclusivity throughout this project.”

Drust committed to working with a diverse group of investors, contractors, and other service providers when it was awarded the project on city land. The selection of Badger also helps Durst fulfill its pledge it would provide “registered Minority Business Enterprise partners” with the opportunity to make a big investment into the project.

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