5 Ways To Get Yourself Noticed At Work

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Fear of failure makes a lot of people avoid even trying. You see that at work with people who worry about saying or doing the wrong thing, so they happily try to blend into the background.

But standing out for positive reasons is what will give you promotions, raises, and awards in your field. If you have been scared to put yourself out there, consider some of these strategies suggested by Forbes.

Make Friends

Even if people respect you for your work ethic, it won’t mean much if they hate you as a person. Learn how to coexist with different personality types.

Speak Up

One great way to stand out is not to wait until you are put on the spot. Volunteer for that new assignment, or offer ideas in meetings without being called on.

Help Out

Getting ahead doesn’t always have to be cutthroat. If you know how to help someone, do so, and they will remember that.

Don’t Be Complacent

You might remember how good you did on that project months ago, but everyone else has moved on. You have to be consistently good and can’t rest on your laurels.

Be an Expert

Every company has that one person who everyone knows is the best at doing something. Build a reputation for yourself by finding what you are good at and being a standout in that area.

It can be intimidating to try and step up, and you might not always succeed. But avoiding trying not only means avoiding failing, it also means avoiding improving.

For further tips that can help you make a good impression with your coworkers, see what Forbes said here.


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