Fort Washington’s Toll Brothers May Scoop Up and Develop Phoenixville’s Closed Kindergarten Center Site

Kindergarten Center
Images via Mark Connolly, Facebook.
Phoenixville currently closed Kindergarten Center, voted to be sold to Fort Washington's Toll Brothers.

The Phoenixville Area School Board voted 5 to 3 to sell the Kindergarten Center, which has been closed since 2017, to Fort Washington’s Toll Brothers for $4.6 million, writes Holly Herman for the Patch

Images via Mark Connolly, Facebook.

Toll Brothers has plans to turn the 7.4 acre lot at 100 School Lane, which was built in 1958, into townhouses. The Chester County Court still must approve the sale.

The vote had been delayed already four times, but certain board members had suggested additional time to review before they voted.

The community has been divided over selling the property to a developer or preserving it as open space. The Chester County Borough had offered to pay $1.8 million to turn it into a park and STEM center.

Residents were against selling it to a developer, but some recognize the need for the townhouses. 

The Phoenixville Green Team presented a petition asking for more time to review the sale. They fear that if sold to a developer, there will be an increase in noise and light pollution, traffic, and lose of open space ecosystem services.

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