Forbes: Conshohocken-Based IKEA Rethinking Store Format to Foster Socialization, Sense of Community

people at ikea
Image via Pexels.

The explosion of e-commerce has prompted some companies to give their brick-and-mortar stores a much needed makeover, and IKEA, the furnishing giant with U.S. headquarters in Conshohocken, is currently leading the charge in turning its stores into something more, writes Michelle Evans for Forbes.

IKEA has recently renovated its Shanghai outlet, where it is trialing the Home Experience of Tomorrow format. The goal of this new layout is to foster a sense of community by providing shoppers with a theatre-like communal space where they can socialize or relax.

The store also connects shoppers using onsite workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, as well as entertainment. This includes the Makers Hub, where customers, employees, and experts can share their skills and knowledge and work together on circular projects.

And while new technologies are fostering reclusive tendencies among users who often turn to devices instead of one another, IKEA is now hoping it can make its stores a place for collaboration that would also drive foot traffic.

Read more about IKEA’s Home Experience of Tomorrow to foster socialization and sense of community in Forbes.

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