COVID-19 Effect on U.S. Online Shopping Habits: The New Normal for Office Supplies, Casual Wear, and Liquor

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Image via Ira sniel at Creative Commons.
The pertinent question regarding online shopping trends related to the pandemic is if the former retail landscape will ever fully return.

The New Normal report, created by Axios in cooperation with Google Trends and the Schema Design firm, reveals how COVID-19 has changed America’s shopping habits. Stef W. Kight and Jared Whalen bagged the story for Axios.

The report analyzed the products Americans have Googled since 2020. Items that have recorded a lasting increase in the number of searches help show what the “new normal” looks like.

Due to many people switching to remote work, the need to stock home offices pushed up searches for computer accessories, fax machines, scanners, and printers.

Beauty and self-care products also became more mainstream, as did items relating to home improvement and car upkeep.

Sweatpants are apparently here to stay.

Looking for new things to do while still following CDC recommendations, searchers investigated activities like roller skating, disc golf, and card games. Interest in mixology also increased, landing tequila, spirits, and liquor in the “new normal” category.

Some items saw big spikes in reaction to specific moments during the pandemic, including toilet paper and bleach.

Meanwhile, the pandemic had little effect on interest in many everyday products, including eggs, dog food, coffee, and salt.

Read more about current shopping habits in the New Normal at Axios.

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