Bala Cynwyd Painter Showcases Symbolic Work at PAFA’s 101 Show

Paulette Bensignor artist
Image via Paulette Bensignor Instagram.
Paulette Bensignor, artist.

Bala Cynwyd artist Paulette Bensignor creates landscape paintings that are based in abstract formats, reports Emily Pellini for Philadelphia Style magazine.

“I usually write myself notes, sketch or paint in watercolor and take photos to remind me of the idea that I hope to create. Back in the studio, I will draw a montage of images on a surface using the line with charcoal, pencil or paint. As I work, I will keep refining my images using colors, line painting in layers of light and shadow. I make constant decisions when I am working, usually painting and repainting for months,” Paulette Bensignor says about her process. 

Bensignor is now showing her latest work, a collection of two-panel paintings, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts’ 101 Artists show, which is curated by Fred Danzinger at the academy’s Alumni Gallery in the Historic Landmark Building in Philadelphia.

“I try to hide the symbolism in my work, like elements in nature, letters, human forms and animals. Those who are interested or knowledgable about symbols and their interpretations may discover a deeper understanding of the spirit or heart of my work,” Paulette Bensignor says. “A common symbol I use is the Tree of Life or Knowledge. It is a common symbol in ancient Mediterranean civilizations and many other cultures.”

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