Blue Bell Potter Hopes to Foster Sense of Tranquility with Scandinavian ‘Hygge’ Sculptures

Blue Bell potter Lynn Hoffmann, owner of Hand and Wheel Pottery studio, uses the Scandinavian concept of hygge to foster a sense of tranquility with her sculptures. Image via Montgomery News.

Blue Bell potter Lynn Hoffmann, owner of Hand and Wheel Pottery studio, hopes to create a sense of tranquility promoted by the Scandinavian concept of hygge with her sculptures, writes M. English for the Montgomery News.

Hygge essentially means contentment and well-being. The artist got to know the concept while she was growing up in Springfield surrounded by Danish relatives. Since then, both her creative process and teaching approach have been guided by it.

And considering the uncertain times we live in, she believes this approach is even more important.

“People bring different viewpoints to art – art of any kind – but I like to think I make pieces that bring people together, instead of making them feel more separated,” said Hoffmann.

The hygge concept has other benefits as well.

“It’s a lot cheaper than therapy, and you go home with a butter dish or a beer mug,” she said.

The potter is currently also a guest exhibitor at Art in the Storefront in Ambler. Her work will be on display through September 15.

Read more about Hand and Wheel Pottery at the Montgomery News by clicking here.

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