Closing of Coatesville VA Medical Center to Open a New Facility in King of Prussia Still “Just a Recommendation”

Coatesville VA Medical Center
Image via WHYY.

While the recent Department of Veterans Affairs plan calls for the closure of Coatesville VA Medical Center, it is still in the initial phase and may change significantly before implementation, write Kenny Cooper and Alan Yu for WHYY

“There’s going to be many twists and turns,” said Joe Brooks, executive director of the Veterans Multi-Service Center. “I see this as a process unfolding over the next five to 10 years.” 

Brooks compared deliberations on these recommendations to the Defense Department’s process for shuttering or shrinking military bases.  

For example, he said that while the department had recommended closing Fort Dix in neighboring New Jersey decades ago, that recommendation never came to pass. 

Mike Hamill, the public affairs specialist at the Coatesville VA Medical Center in Chester County, agreed with this assessment and pointed out that the report opens with the reassurances that even if any of the facilities do end up being closed, replacement services will be provided for veterans who are affected by it. 

For Coatesville Center, replacements would include a new facility in King of Prussia and a new outpatient clinic in Coatesville. 

Read more about the impending closing of this Chester County VA Medical Center in WHYY

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