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Video production has been an increasingly valuable skill for individuals to have thanks to the widespread use of social media and sites like YouTube.

But if you have never tried it yourself, you might assume it requires advanced training to learn. The site My Tech Decisions explains why making and editing videos is probably much easier than you think nowadays, and how you can get started yourself.

One major advantage now is that cameras do not even need to be physically controlled by a person on-site anymore.

Robotic cameras can be operated even in the comfort of your own home, enabling you to remotely do production work so you are not limited to which areas you can visit for the day.

Another former hurdle people experienced in the past was the cost of having access to this technology. But recent years have seen such production tools become far more affordable.

Modern cameras can come equipped with auto-framing and auto-tracking, allowing you to save the time and money of having to be there to make these adjustments manually. And modern control devices can even cue effects for lights and cameras from afar.

Even acquiring the knowledge to use these tools effectively is no longer kept behind the gates of a paid education.

Modern producers have the advantage of active message boards and Discord channels where people are pulling their knowledge together to share the best tips. You can talk to other producers for all kinds of advice focused specifically on your needs.

This all makes it easier than ever to try your own hand at video production.

For more simple advice on how to have an easy time with video production, check out My Tech Decision’s post here.


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