IKEA Woos Tech Talent with 3D-Printed Plant-Based Meatballs

3-D Printed Meatball
Images via IKEA.
Fresh out of the printer, a 3-D printed IKEA Swedish Meatball.

There is a new version of IKEA’s iconic Swedish meatballs, which the furnishing giant with U.S. headquarters in Conshohocken is using as an innovative tool to attract tech talent, writes Brittaney Kiefer for Adweek.

IKEA is in the process of recruiting for over 150 technology and innovation jobs in 2022. To hook talent in an imaginative way, it is advertising open roles by 3D-printing a plant-based version of its famous meatballs.

“Ikea is at the start of a journey to embrace data and technology to become more affordable, accessible, and sustainable in an omnichannel environment,” said Inter Ikea Group CIO Pascal Pauwels. “Naturally people with imagination will play a big role in that quest.”

The meatballs will be served to select job applicants as part of IKEA’s “Taste the Future” recruitment campaign, which started on Feb. 1.

For now, customers will not get the chance to try them as they will not be served in IKEA restaurants.

The special meatballs are in line with the company’s commitment to offer 50 percent plant-based meals in its restaurants by 2025.

Plant-based ‘meatballs’ are already on its menus, but IKEA said it wants to become even more sustainable in the next few years.

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IKEA has a 3-D offer to discuss.