Career Corner: Just Don’t Do These 7 Things When You Quit

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When leaving a job on your own terms, in can be sad, or it can be downright exhilarating. It might feel like after far too long being stuck in a position you were not satisfied with that you are finally moving up.

But getting too caught up in that excitement can spell disaster if you don’t temper your behavior for the remainder of your time at your current company.

Even if you have one foot out the door, staying professional is key. In writing for Yahoo News, Monica Torres describes how to avoid a faux pas during your exit.

Don’t Badmouth Anyone

Even if you hate one of your coworkers, now is not the time to tell them off. Any goodwill you have accrued will be obliterated with one heated confrontation.

Don’t Brag Before You Have the Job

Don’t tell anyone you have a new job until you definitely do. If you share your good news based on a hunch and you’re wrong, at best it’s awkward, and at worst it’s an indication to your boss to not invest any further in you.

Don’t Give Too Much Notice

Don’t get guilted into staying beyond standard notice. It’s fine to want your old workplace to do well, but if your new job is already waiting on you, prioritize your future.

Don’t Slack Off

Don’t assume that because you are leaving that you can collect your last paychecks without putting in work. If you slack off now that can damage what your employer says about you to your future jobs.

Don’t Leave the Company in a Bad Spot

If you have the luxury to choose when to quit, try and do so at a time that doesn’t inconvenience your job in their busiest months.

Be Ready to Leave Immediately

Just because you give two weeks’ notice does not mean you are guaranteed two more weeks. Your boss might take you leaving personally and want you gone immediately, so be ready to go once you give notice.

Don’t Forget to Recuperate

If your current job has left you drained, you don’t want to immediately hop into your next job with that same mindset. Take time to mentally reset before starting anew.

Regardless of whatever feelings you have about leaving, your priority should be on ensuring that your transition into your new workplace is as smooth as possible.

For more detail on how to navigate around each of these pitfalls, read the article from Yahoo News here.



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