Ambler Savings Bank Saves Business Leaders a Most Precious Commodity: Time

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Ambler Savings Bank's business banking products and services are convenient time savers.

English poet Geoffrey Chaucer knew what he was talking about when he said, “Time is the coin of your life.” Ambler Savings Bank understands the crucial connection between the everyday ticking of the clock and the successful operation of an active business. The knowledge of that crucial interdependence is behind the bank’s provision of the following business banking tools — compiled by Branch Operations Administrator Paul Shearer — to increase efficiency.

Online Banking

Ambler Savings Bank’s most popular business banking tool is online banking, which enables users to view account balances, transactions, and check images; transfer funds; and make loan payments. E-statements also eliminate the need for paper statements, which saves time (no reliance on USPS), reduces clutter, and is ecofriendly.

Payroll Processing

Small businesses can simplify payroll with ACH processing. Owner-operators can easily schedule one-time or recurring employee payments, eliminating the time-consuming task of processing, printing, and mailing payrolls.

Payment Processing

Accept card payments anywhere, anytime and on any device with Ambler Savings Bank’s merchant services. Through an exclusive partnership with Heartland, customers gain access to a flexible suite of solutions tailored to meet business needs. Heartland provides critical services that include card processing, gift and loyalty marketing, and billing solutions.

“Many of our customers have switched to Heartland from other companies for their credit card and payroll processing for the convenience. Our customers appreciate having a dedicated salesperson from Heartland for support,” said Erin Cohen, Chief Relationship Officer, Ambler Savings Bank.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a strongly recommended extra layer of protection of corporate checking accounts. It verifies the authenticity of every check a business issues, alerting clients about unauthorized checks presented against their accounts.

The system reconciles checks and holds identified mismatches for review and approval. It’s a quick, comprehensive means of warding off fraud, without the time-chew of tracking every single transaction.

Remote Deposit Capture

The Ambler Savings Bank remote deposit capture service makes it simple for businesses to quickly deposit checks, streamlining and accelerating cash-flow operations. Using a special scanner kept onsite at a business, it eliminates misplaced checks, trips to the bank, and waiting in teller lines.

“I’ve had many customers, especially since the pandemic, sign up for remote deposit capture to deposit their checks because they are too short-staffed to be able to come to the bank. This has helped them save a ton of time in their daily work schedule,” added Cohen.

QuickBooks Direct Connect

For QuickBooks users, the bank provides a powerful tool. Direct Connect imports authorized transaction data from a savings account directly into QuickBooks.  It eliminates the need for manual data entry while it automatically reconciles data.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a safe, convenient, electronic means of shifting funds among banks. With proper setup, the secure process can be done remotely from an onsite computer, saving a branch visit.

Night Drop

Although it’s been a bank-offered service for a long time, business owners shouldn’t forget about night drop. It provides secure and convenient availability around the clock (not just after dark).

Via a key and a locked bag, deposits can be delivered safely in the depository for processing the following business day. Transaction records follow online, as with other online banking services. It enables users to skip a teller line, although Ambler Savings Bank’s in-house staff is always happy to welcome customers — safely, owing to the pandemic — face to face.

More information on these conveniences can be found online.

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