Career Corner: Learning To Sell Is Critical For Your Career

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Since the start of the pandemic, an increasing number of people have been taking their careers into their own hands by starting their own small businesses. But for people without experience, it can be hard to learn the right skills on the fly.

One of the most important skills for any person on any career path is your ability as a salesperson.

You might assume that is not true if you are not selling a product, but the same skills are required for selling your idea to people. Forbes provided some insight on the importance of selling and what you can do to improve your abilities.


Every business has customers, and you need to understand what motivates your clients so you can convert them to your service. What do they want and need?


Sometimes the most important part of the conversation is listening. Hear your client to understand what you can offer them.


Not everyone will be the right customer for you. Focus on finding the right people rather than trying to persuade everyone.


Take a look at how your brand is positioned in comparison to your competitors. What sets you apart, and what can you learn from them?


Even if you don’t offer a physical product, your business is fulfilling a need for some service. Analyze what it is you offer and what desire it fulfills or the problem it solves.


What are the costs of acquiring the materials you need and producing your service? Make sure your business is actually going to make a profit before you rely on it.


It is hard to build the confidence to sell yourself. You need to learn to practice being assertive, concise, and how to handle rejection gracefully.


It is fine to build genuine relationships with clients, but at the end of the day, they are still your clients. Maximize your time by ensuring you are staying focused on closing the deal.

It takes a lot to be a good salesperson, but it is a necessary skill for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and so many others in a time when everyone has a personal brand.

For more about the importance of learning how to sell yourself as an entrepreneur, check out the piece from Forbes here.



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