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Hosting a conference can feel overwhelming even under normal circumstances. But attempting to do so virtually adds an additional layer of difficulty since you have far fewer examples to learn from.

Like anything else done virtually during Covid, a virtual conference takes getting used to but probably isn’t as challenging as you think.

Courtesy of a post from Eventtia, here are the key elements you need to ensure the event goes off without a hitch.

Choose a Platform

For a typical conference, your chief concern is a building that adequately accommodates all your attendees. But for a virtual conference, it is about needing a digital platform secure and reliable enough to gather everyone. Check out different options to determine what combination of tools to use for broadcasting, managing tickets, and tracking attendance.

Decide on Content

Since you won’t have the luxury of the venue to entertain people, this style of conference makes your content all the more important. You can’t placate people with fancy gimmicks in a virtual format. Really prioritize quality presentations and ensure their success by making sure they each have adequate technology to participate.

Stick to a Schedule

Attendees won’t have as easy a time asking staff for information the day of, so make sure your event schedule includes enough details so nobody gets confused. However, don’t overwhelm people either—maybe don’t unveil each section’s full details until those presentations are close to starting so as not to distract from the current ones.

Allow for Networking

People want to network at events, even virtually. Facilitate this with chat sections, Q&As for live presentations, or even fun activities like quizzes with prizes to stimulate engagement.


Don’t expect word of mouth alone to sell the event. Promote it using many of the same digital techniques that apply to in-person events now. This means having an official website, press releases, and social media posts to name a few avenues.

And lastly, in case it needs to be stated, having the right technology is pivotal! If you don’t know where to start, a Haverford Systems’ Planning a Virtual Conference checklist can help make sure everything runs smoothly.

For more advice on how to successfully navigate hosting a virtual conference, read the post from Eventtia here.


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