Woman Born Prematurely at Holy Redeemer Gives Birth to Baby Boy at Same Hospital 32 Years Later

Family with new baby
Image via Holy Redeemer Hospital.

Jamie Di Domizio, who was born prematurely at Holy Redeemer Hospital, returned 32 years later to give birth to her son, according to a staff report from www.redeemerhealth.org.

Di Domizio was born on October 27, 1989, three months early. She weighed only two pounds eight ounces and was immediately admitted to the NICU.

She received intensive treatment for nearly two months with several ups and downs, including a battle with respiratory distress syndrome, but her mother, Nancy Passehl, knew she was in good hands.

“The NICU staff was with me each step of the way,” said Passehl. “They made me feel very comfortable, and I knew that Jamie was in good hands.”

Three decades on, Di Domizio is a mother herself. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Romeo Patrick, on November 2, 2021.

Redeemer Health is honored to be an important part of the lives of Nancy, Jamie, and her son.

And because of the care she received when she was born, she knew that “expectant mothers receive a top-notch level of care, and the maternity staff is bar none,” at Holy Redeemer. “I felt very comfortable delivering a Redeemer Baby at Holy Redeemer Hospital.”

Read more about Holy Redeemer Hospital at www.redeemerhealth.org.

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