How Closely Do Montco Google Searches on Hot-Button Issues, Like Politics, Hew to National Trends?

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Image via super bond 1 at Creative Commons.
Pennsylvania's Google searches are not dissimilar to national trends on issues like immigration and inflation.

Pennsylvania’s Google searches on three current hot-button issues — critical race theory, inflation, and immigration — are mostly on par with national trends, write Mike D’Onofrio and Taylor Allen for AXIOS Philadelphia.

Google queries related to critical race theory in Pennsylvania occur more often in Democratic congressional districts. This includes the 4th and 6th Districts in the Philadelphia region, represented by Rep. Madeleine Dean and Rep. Chrissy Houlahan.

There is, however, one exception to this rule: the 1st District, where Bucks County and Montgomery County are represented by Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.

All the congressional districts in the Keystone State searched for unemployment-related terms more often than the national average. The highest level of interest on the subject came from the western Republican congressional districts closer to Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, the 12th District, represented by Republican Rep. Fred Keller, showed the most interest in inflation, while the 2nd District, represented by Democrat Rep. Brendan Boyle, had the fewest searches on the topic.

According to AXIOS’ Stef Kight, both parties will use the data gathered from Google searches to pinpoint issues that resonate with local voters throughout the 2022 midterm elections.

Read more about Pennsylvania’s Google searches on political issues and inflation in AXIOS Philadelphia.

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