2 Montgomery County Towns Make Top 20 List of Highest-earning Cities in Pennsylvania

highest paying cities
Image via Unsplash.

Where are the highet-earning cities in PA? WFMZ.com gets the info on the Top Twenty, with two in Montgomery County.

Stacker compiled a list of the highest-earning cities in Pennsylvania using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This data demonstrates the annual income based on education, geography, location, gender, and other factors,

These towns are rated by the 2019 estimate of 5 years with a median household income and each town has approximately 3000 households.

Also, some of the Pennsylvania towns on this list are near a major city, like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, with people commuting into the area, yet living in another town or county. These cities which also have larger markets, more production and busineses, and the jobs that go along with that growth.

Lansdale makes the number 18 spot on this list, with a Median household income of $66,794, which is 6.3% above the national median. The households that earn over $100k are 29.1%, and the households earning less than $15k are 6.9%.

In the top 5 of this list in Montgomery County is Conshohocken. The Median household income is$87,241, which is 38.8% above the national median. 41.7% of the households in Conshohocken earn over $100K, while the percentage of households earning less than $15k is, 5.5%.

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