Legal Matters: Five Inside Tips To Make The Most Of Your Legal Consultation

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By Inna G. Materese

1) Do your homework – You want to choose an attorney with the right expertise for your legal matter. The law has many different specialty areas, and to determine the best attorney to represent you, you need to research what kind of lawyer is best suited to handle and resolve your case. A specialist will know the latest developments and legal nuances pertinent to your particular matter.

2) Choose your attorney wisely – Naturally, you want a lawyer with a record of success with your type of problem — but you also need to feel comfortable and have a positive connection with your attorney. During your consultation, you are in the driver’s seat. Be honest and open, gather information, advice, and make sure you feel good about the relationship

3) Be prepared – Before your meeting, make notes and list out everything you’d like to discuss with the attorney. Share as much information as possible — even if you think something is unimportant, embarrassing, or too trivial to mention, it could prove to be very helpful. Gather any documents you think might be relevant and jot down timelines for reference. Full disclosure and copies of paperwork can help assess the situation.

4) Know your goals – Articulate what you want to happen, but be ready to learn in return. During the consultation, the attorney will listen to the facts of your case and review the options to best approach each issue. Most lawyers do not offer specific legal advice in an initial consultation, but they will explain the possible strategies for handling your case as well as offer a general overview of the steps to follow.

5) Ask questions – Ask about experience with similar cases, track record, approach/strategy, possible outcomes, and cost. Ask the attorney to explain the firm’s fee structure, billing procedures and methods. Getting answers to these questions upfront is essential to having a positive experience and a strong client-attorney relationship.



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Inna G. Materese concentrates her practice in all areas of family law, including but not limited to, high-asset divorce, complex custody issues, protection from abuse, and support matters.

Inna has successfully represented clients in the negotiation, litigation, and resolution of their family law matters in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Philadelphia Counties. 

Inna focuses on helping her clients achieve their individual goals through a collaborative, resourceful, pragmatic, and compassionate approach.