Conshohocken’s Amazon Distribution Center Sees Its Busiest Season Yet This Year


The Amazon distribution center in Conshohocken experiences a very busy holiday shopping rush, writes Ashley Johnson and the Digital Staff on 6abc.

“On Black Friday, 1,600 items were ordered on per second,” said Amazon spokesperson Steve Kelly.

In the Conshohocken distribution center, which recently opened, they have 300 who have been sending out over 90,000 packages a day. This is higher than average.

Amazon has said this is one of the busiest holiday seasons they have ever experienced.

The demand remains high, and they are fighting the nationwide staffing shortage and hiring more workers, having more vans on the road, utilizing more ports, and more planes to cut down on delays, as well as opening new hubs.

They are also preparing for last-minute shopping and one-day delivery this week leading up to Christmas.

“That means we are bringing more and more people into each building so that our employees have the time to spend with their families and we can still deliver for our customers,” Kelly said.

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