Career Corner: Don’t Allow Career Challenges to Ruin Your Holiday

Office Party celebration

Many of the songs around the holidays declare that this is the “happiest time of the year”. And hopefully, that’s true for you.

However, your problems don’t disappear just because it’s the holiday season. And comparing the happy lives of others to your own struggles around this time is a surefire way to make for depressing festivities.

You probably won’t be able to solve all of your problems in the coming weeks like some Christmas miracle out of a movie. But you can still get more enjoyment out of the season by redirecting your perspective.

For instance, Wendi Weiner of Above the Law cautions against the hazards of comparing your circumstances to what you see on social media.

Seeing the way others celebrate their holidays can put an idealized picture in your head of what your celebrations should look like. But it is okay if you have to make adjustments or acknowledge things are not the same.

Distant family might inquire into aspects of your career that you feel a bit insecure about this year, perhaps because you are still not where you want to be due to Covid. It’s your choice how to respond, whether that means honestly saying you would rather not get into that this year, or allowing yourself to be honest and unashamed.

It could also be the case that someone close to you is sick and that will also alter your holiday plans. Trying to cleave to the way things used to be in a world that has drastically changed is only setting yourself up for disappointment.

Be realistic about what traditions might need to be tweaked, and don’t feel like a failure for not being able to do your entire holiday routine. This is a time to do what makes your family happy, not what movies and pictures on Instagram make you feel is the right way to celebrate.

This holiday season may look different, but that is okay.

For more tips on how to avoid entrenching yourself in a negative holiday mindset, read the post from Above the Law here.



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