Career Corner: The 5 Most Common Issues That Make Your Job Harder

Stressful Workplace.

Even if you enjoy your job, the environment attached to it can leave you feeling worn out. However, if you recognize what the source of your aggravation is, you can take steps to mitigate it.

Payscale has a piece about some of the most common issues you might experience at work, and solutions for handling them.

Workplace Bullies

Even adults can be bullies, and unlike at school, you can’t look forward to graduating and never seeing them again.

The bully could be as overt as publicly belittling you, or as subtle as trying to damage your reputation behind your back.

If you want to stay with the job, be sure to keep records of their behavior to build your case to HR.

Being Overworked

Many people feel overworked but sometimes it is more than just perception. If you have quotas to meet that aren’t reasonable no matter how hard you push, it might be time to talk with the boss about expectations for what is manageable.

Hopefully, your boss is reasonable and won’t dismiss it as you being lazy.

No Training

After your orientation period as a new hire, training does not always continue beyond that even if you are given new responsibilities.

This can make things a lot harder for you as you try to navigate learning on your own. Try communicating your need for guidance to your boss, or you might even have to seek out training on your own time.

The Job Has Become a Dead End

The job seemed great to start, but now your chances to expand your skillset seem to have dried up. Just because your job is not helping you expand does not mean you can’t continue on your own through things like networking events.

Keep developing your skills and meeting new people so you are ready for the next opportunity, whether it is at your current job or a new one.

Bad Management

Sometimes the job just falls apart because the leader is not helpful. You can clearly see this when you worked there long enough to do fine under the prior boss before the replacement came along and made everything difficult.

This might just be as simple as learning to adapt to the manager’s new style, but this could be a big enough problem to consider different work.

Not every workplace issue will be within your power to overcome, but being able to recognize what the issue is gives you the best prospects for fixing it.

To see the remaining reasons you may be having issues at work, check out Payscale’s article by clicking here.



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