Call for Volunteers! Weed Warriors Help Rid Valley Forge National Historical Park of Invasive Plants

weed warriors on weeds at VFNHP
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Valley Forge National Historical Park is an important refuge for native plants and animals. However, it is constantly under attack by invasive non-native plants that can cause both significant environmental and economic harm, writes

The spread of weed causes biological pollution in the area and the surrounding Montgomery County and Chester County.

This comes as invasive plants out-compete with native plant species for primary things such as light, space, nutrients, and water.

They also interfere with forest regeneration, erosion and deposition, and other natural ecosystem processes and threaten native wildlife by reducing availability and the quality of resources.

Groups of dedicated volunteers known as Weed Warriors have been working tirelessly year-round to remove these plants from the park. They have also sounded a call for help for more volunteers to ensure the weed is in check.

Weeds are removed using mechanical methods, such as hand pulling and cut and cover. Some hand tools may also be used by the Weed Warriors.

Valley Forge National Historical Park park staff welcomes all ages and will provide necessary training and equipment, such as gloves and eye protection.

Read more about the weed cleanup efforts of invasive plants at Valley Forge National Historical Park at

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