National Dog Show Makes Triumphant Return to Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks—with Spectators!

PI dog show 2
Image via Heather Khalifa, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
A very agile doggie aims to catch a frisbee thrown by Felicia Foy.

After a year without an audience due to the pandemic, the National Dog Show returned to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks with a triumphant bark – and plenty of excited spectators were there to witness it this time, writes William Bender for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Janet Cupolo, of Hellertown,shows off Addie, her Komondor, a large Hungarian sheepdog.
Image via Heather Khalifa, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Unlike last year, around 1,500 dogs were again fawned over by adoring—and vaccinated–humans during the weekend for the show’s 20th anniversary.

“I love the people here watching,” said Mark Goldfarb, of Summit, N.J., who was there with his wife, Laurie, and their dog, Isabella Margarita. “That’s what got us interested. You’re a fan first, and that’s what makes you want to participate.”

Over 180 breeds were present for the show.

The cavalcade of dogs that were the center of attention on Saturday and Sunday included sleek and fluffy dogs, large and small dogs, imperious and submissive ones, and everything in between.

The Best in Show winner is still unknown to the public and will be announced when the competition airs on NBC10 on Thanksgiving Day.

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