Owners of Tlush Family Farm in Plymouth Meeting Use Every Bit of Their Half-acre Space


Kathleen and Jon Tlush, founders of Tlush Family Farm in Plymouth Meeting, are making sure that even the smallest part of their half-acre property gets used to the maximum, writes Todd Haas for 6abc.

Tlush farm boy with goat.
Everyone has fun at the Tlush Family Farm!

The property—located in a suburban area—is certainly not a typical farm.

Their backyard is home to a chicken coop with more than 20 egg-laying free-range chickens. These eggs are then distributed locally (though currently sold out, so check back soon.)

The basement is also fully utilized.

“You walk in, and there is 625 square footage of indoor microgreens,” said Kathleen.

The basement is where the couple also cultivates and harvests mushrooms and microgreens which they then sell to local restaurants.

They also sell t-shirts, flowers, and home and farm decor.

Their business model is grow-to-order, according to Jon.

 “The most rewarding thing is seeing a dish with our product on it,” he said.

And while their small farm is enough, for now, the couple is planning to expand their operation in the future.

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See how the family builds their chicken coop for their chickens to live in this YouTube video.