Career Corner: Post Pandemic, Women Take a Closer Look at Career Fulfillment

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The pandemic has caused immense stress on everyone, leading many to stop and consider what they want out of their career long-term. But women, in particular, are reporting feeling the negative impact of the pandemic at higher rates than men.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal addressed this, saying that part of the reason for this gender disparity is due to some of the roles expected of women.

Specifically, with some children and spouses now being home all day as they attend their responsibilities virtually, it is naturally increasing the workload at home. And women are still pulling more than their share when it comes to maintaining the house.

While an unfulfilling career may have been tolerable when countered with the support of social circles and engaging hobbies, being left with only home and work for so long has made many women realize they are not living the life they wanted.

Women are craving careers that make them feel they are making a difference, and that give them the flexibility they need during Covid.

Women are approaching this dilemma with different methods, but a lot are looking to leave their current position. Some want a company that has more compromise to continue working from home rather than returning to the office.

Others want jobs where once they are off the clock they don’t have to worry about unpaid work like responding to business emails. And others are simply deciding to create the role they want and starting their own businesses.

Landscape designer Anna Monaldi Crombie articulated her thoughts on why she switched careers by saying, “I thought, ‘This is my life, I’m going to die eventually. Do I want to spend it doing something I don’t enjoy and work that I don’t value?’ ”

Apparently, a lot of women are having such thoughts. A study by McKinsey & Co. and LeanIn.Org found that a third of all the women surveyed were considering a career change, compared to just 27% of men.

The pandemic has lit a fire under women who once may have postponed their goals in favor of stability. Career fulfillment is no longer something female workers are willing to put on hold.

To read more about the trends we are seeing with women in their careers due to the pandemic, read the Wall Street Journal piece here.


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