Kaighn Smith, Prominent Bryn Mawr Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Supporter of Women’s Rights, Dies Aged 92

Kaighn Smith
Image via The Philadelphia Inquirer.
DR. Kaighn Smith.

Kaighn Smith, a prominent Bryn Mawr obstetrician and gynecologist, ocean sailing racer, and supporter of women’s rights, died on September 18 aged 92, writes Stacey Burling for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kaighn Smith Jr. said his father’s health deteriorated after the death of his wife, Ann R. Smith, a Gladwyne native and an Episcopal priest who was very active in women’s rights and the civil rights movement, earlier in June.

Growing up in Gladwyne, Smith had then married Dr. Kaighn Smith and they had three children.

The two were teenage sweethearts and had been married for 70 years. They lived in Bryn Mawr for the majority of their lives before moving to Northeast Harbor, Maine, in 2012.

Smith, a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, served as the chair of Lankenau Hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department and director of the hospital’s residency program for 21 years.

He is described by his family and colleagues as calm, gentlemanly, universally respectful, popular, and highly competent.

“He was one of the last of what we call the giants,” said Andrew Gerson, chief of maternal-fetal medicine at Main Line Health. “He had a huge experience. People just knew Dr. Smith knew what he was talking about.”

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