In Pennsylvania, Google Knows the Word That We Don’t Know How to Spell in 2021 (and it’s Not What You’d Guess!)

How to spell with word tiles
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We recently figured out that Pennsylvanians can’t spell sauerkraut and need to do a Google search for it, and it’s also a tasty PA staple.

But the word for 2021?

Can you guess? It is pandemic-related! Kelsey Rogers takes a deep dive into what we can’t spell for

What can’t we spell in PA?! Image via AT&T and Google Trends.

According to data analyzed from March 24, 2020, to March 24, 2021, Google Trends helped determine the top “how to spell” search terms for every state, according to a study from AT&T.

Can you spell: Coronavirus?

“Coronavirus” broke into the top three with six states trying to find the correct letters for the terrible virus that has been plaguing the world for quite some time now.

Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Vermont, and West Virginia also had trouble spelling coronavirus, whereas people would spell it: ‘Caronavirus.’

This was actually the second-highest word spelled incorrectly.

The top misspelled word in Pennsylvania?


Twelve states misspelled “quarantine,” displaying results such as “corn teen.” (Not a teenager really into vegetables).

It is totally understandable that during a raging pandemic people are trying to find yet misspell the very thing going on outside their windows!

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