If You Have Not Delved Into Conshohoken’s IKEA’s Chocolate Section, You Are Missing Out

IKEA storefront
Images via IKEA.

While IKEA, with U.S. headquarters in Conshohocken, is best known for its inexpensive and functional furniture and meatballs, its chocolate section in the grocery department should not be overlooked, writes Rochelle Bilow for The Kitchn.

Marabou Daim Chocolate Roll
Good candy at IKEA?! No way!

This underrated section is a true treasure trove of cheap treats inspired by the company’s land of origin, Sweden.

The furniture giant carries a mix of classic bars and creative flavors at a significantly lower price than at high-end candy shops.

Chefs from around the country are starting to take notice and are raving about IKEA products.

“I used to get the cheaper bars at IKEA, mostly because my kids couldn’t tell the difference between those and higher-end chocolates,” said Einat Admonay, chef and owner of Balaboosta in New York City.

chocolate moose
How fun is this self-assembly BELÖNING Milk Chocolate Moose?! (like everything at IKEA!)

Some of the top choices include BELÖNING, a milk chocolate bar with lingonberries that costs $1.79, and a Marabou Daim Chocolate Roll that goes for $3.49.

There’s even a 3-D moose made out of milk chocolate for $4.99 that you can assemble yourself (yes, really!)

And while IKEA candy might not be exactly at the level of single-origin and hand-ground artisanal stuff, the company ensures sustainable farming practices for its cacao farmers.

Read more about IKEA in The Kitchn.

Check out this IKEA commercial—their chocolate is just too good to share!

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