Horsham Sports Cards Shop Sees Sales Explode During Pandemic

knuckleball sports cards
Image via Knuckleball Sports Cards.

Knuckleball Sports Cards in Horsham is one of the many sports card stores in the region and nationwide that saw their sales explode during the pandemic, writes Matt Breen for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

When the outbreak originally started, Steve MacKenzie, the shop’s owner, was worried that COVID-19 would decimate his sales and endanger the shop’s survivability. However, what occurred instead came as a shock.

“The current marketplace since COVID has been freaky,” he said. “It’s just been completely overwhelming.”

Not only did the sales not drop, but they also ended up booming at Knuckleball Sports Cards over the last twelve months. He believes the reason for this is that people started to dig out their card collections during quarantine and got back into the hobby once again.

“My sales since last July when I reopened my store have probably tripled since before COVID,” said MacKenzie.

And while the situation surprised him, he welcomed the change.

“I’ve been here 11 years,” he said. “Nine of them, I didn’t make any money or I lost money. But this year is going to be an exception. Last year, I made money. It’s going in the right direction.”

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