Swimply Marvelous! Montgomery County Homeowners Turn Their Splash into Cash by Renting Out Their Pools

Doylestown homeowner pool for rent on Swimply
Image via Swimply.
This Doylestown oasis is available for rent from the homeowner, using Swimply, an online resource that works like Airbnb for pools.

In the days leading up to Labor Day, if you hoped to spend some time this summer poolside — without access to one — you’re in luck. Book for Labor Day! Swimply, a kind of an aquatic Airbnb, allows people to rent backyard swimming pools from willing residents. Jamie Tucker dove into this trend for WFMZ 69 News.

Homeowners list the details of their pools on Swimply.

They describe special features (saltwater, underwater lights), list available dates, and include alluring photographs.

They also add caveats — no kids, no pets, no parties, etc. — to ensure their comfort in what goes on poolside.

There is no charge for Swimply listings; the service provider merely takes a cut of the fee.

Renters book through an app.

The idea caught fire during the pandemic. Benefits accrued on both sides of the arrangement: Renters got an appealing outdoor activity. And owners augmented their incomes.

A Long Island woman parleyed her pool into an extra $20,000 in three months.

Users search the Swimply site geographically.

At present, it shows 50 pools available for swim time in Montgomery County, from an above-ground pool set up in a driveway to gorgeous inground pools with total privacy.

Locations range all over the county, from Glenside to Pottstown, in Eagleville to King of Prussia.

Pricing ranges from $30-$90 an hour, generally set by how upscale the pool is.

A local husband and wife have become big fans.

When asked about possible “weirdness” in having total strangers swim in their pool, the wife said, “It was a little weird at first. Because they had to come in the house [for] the bathroom.

“But after that first one, it wasn’t weird at all.”

More on Swimply is at WFMZ 69 News.