Don’t Miss DeSales MBA Program’s Power Breakfast on September 22

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On September 22, 2021, the DeSales University MBA Program will be hosting a Power Breakfast entitled, Effective Leadership in the Digital Age.

The presenter will be Paul Leese, EVP, of Keenan-Nagle Advertising and a DeSales Alum ’98 and ’01.

Paul found DeSales through a hometown connection. “My parish priest, Fr. Langan, used to be in the administration when DeSales was Allentown College and suggested I check it out. For me, growing up in a small town, the size of the school was perfect.  But what really sold me was the faculty and staff,” Paul notes.

“I felt a connection right away. I was accepted and earned a dual degree in Management and Business Communication when I graduated in 1998,” he says.

Paul Leese, presenter
Presenter Paul Leese, EVP, of Keenan-Nagle Advertising and a DeSales Alumni. Images via DeSales MBA Program.

Before graduation, he was offered a job to run a branch campus of the Allentown College MBA program located at Gwynedd Mercy College (now University).  

“It didn’t pay much, but it allowed me to get my MBA for free and to be able to build something from scratch,” Paul says. In just three years, he tripled the size of the program at the campus. While running the branch campus, Paul decided to pursue his own DeSales MBA. 

“My education in the MBA program has helped me tremendously in my career, What I learned was both practical and challenging. One experience stands out and typifies the kind of education I received in the program,” he says.

“In my Entrepreneurship class with Professor John McHale, I learned a valuable lesson I still go back to today. We had to present a business plan to the class. I went in a little smug, feeling like I had everything buttoned up. As I finished my presentation Professor McHale proceeded to poke so many holes in my plan I felt totally deflated,” he explains.

“But immediately after that, he pulled me aside and told me he did what he did because he knew I could do better.  He wanted to challenge me and make sure that when I did this presentation in the real world, I was fully prepared to do a great job,” Paul says.

DeSales MBA Power Breakfast flyer.

“The next week I came back with a totally revamped plan and was thrilled to get a smile and a thumbs up from him.  It still wasn’t a perfect presentation, but because of his balance of challenge and encouragement, it made me a better student and professional,” he states. “My DeSales MBA program was filled with those kinds of moments.”

Paul is currently the executive vice president at Keenan-Nagle Advertising and the owner of Rooted Leadership Consulting. “My role at Keenan-Nagle entails running the day-to-day operations of the agency and marketing & media strategy development/execution,” he states.

“At Rooted Leadership Consulting, I coach and train individuals and teams to perform at higher levels with measurable results. I love both roles.  They allow me to help others get better at what they do. I get tremendous satisfaction in seeing other people grow.”

On September 22nd, Paul is leading the DeSales MBA Power Breakfast.

“One of my favorite things is leading teams that are really clicking and performing at their best. But there are so many teams (at work, in the community, and at home) that are not functioning well or at least as well as they could be. My goal for the power breakfast is to arm everyone who attends with some simple, practical, and sustainable tools that they can use right away to be better leaders and team members.”

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Don’t miss the Power Breakfast on September 22nd at 7:30 am at the DeSales University Center.

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