Before It Was Replaced by Willow Grove Mall, Willow Grove Amusement Park Delighted Locals for Nearly Eight Decades

Old Images of Philadelphia
Images via Old Images of Philadelphia FaceBook.
The Old WIllow Grove Amusement Park.

The space that is today occupied by Willow Grove Mall was once home to Willow Grove Amusement Park which had delighted residents for nearly eight decades, writes Alonzo Kittrels for The Philadelphia Tribune.

Image via Facebook page of Old Images of Philadelphia.

The park, which opened in 1895 and closed in 1972, was seen as more upscale than the nearby Woodside Amusement Park, projecting a more middle-class image. There was no entrance fee but tickets were sold for rides.

And while there were many attractions that could also be found at other amusement parks, Willow Grove Amusement Park had several unique rides.

Many schools and families had picnics and family times here.

The Toboggan was one of its biggest attractions, along with several lakes that were used for boating.

There was also the Rocket Ship ride for the younger park-goers and the Wild Mouse, a two-passenger roller coaster. Many locals fondly reminisce over the Alps ride.

The Scenic roller coaster, the Tunnel of Love, and the Merry-Go-Round also drew a lot of attention. The braver visitors never missed the Thunderbolt, the park’s roller coaster.

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The history of this park is perfectly encapsulated in the documentary Lark at Willow Grove Park.
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