If Philadelphia’s Collar Counties Like Montco Seem a Little Tight, It May Be From Years of Increasing Populations

man with tight collar montco
Image via InnerWill.com
The 2020 Census revealed a decade's worth of population shifts in Philadelphia and its collar counties.

According to the first local and demographic results from the 2020 census, Philadelphia’s collar counties like Montgomery and Delco — and the city itself — have grown in the 2010-2020 decade. Philadelphia gained around 77,800 residents, and demographics shifted elsewhere, reported Michaelle Bond and John Duchneskie for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The increase once again brought the population in the city to 1.6 million. The last time Philadelphia’s population topped that number was in the 1980 census

. The city maintained its 2017 rank as the sixth-largest in the country, the position it slipped to when Phoenix overtook it.

The growth in population was driven by gains in the Hispanic and non-Hispanic Asian populations.

The entire Philadelphia region has recorded a growth in both population and diversity. The number of people living in the city and its surrounding counties increased by five percent, but the overall Hispanic population grew by 36 percent and the Asian population increased by 39 percent.

Meanwhile, all counties recorded a drop in white population, while Chester and Philadelphia counties also recorded a fall in Black population.

Among Philadelphia’s collar counties, Bucks and Delaware counties saw a three-percent growth in population each, while Chester and Montgomery counties saw an increase of seven percent each.

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