Pennsylvania Ranks High Among States with Best Health Care Systems

Paoli Hospital via Main Line Health.
Image via Main Line Health.
Paoli Hospital.

Pennsylvania ranks in the upper half among states with the best health care systems, according to a new report by WalletHub.

To determine the best and worst states for health care, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on three key dimensions: cost, access, and outcomes. These were measured using 44 relevant metrics, including the cost of medical visits, number of hospital beds, and average emergency-room wait time.

Pennsylvania ranked at No. 12 overall.

The Keystone State had its best showing for access, where it ranked in eighth place. It placed in No.18 in cost and No. 26 in outcomes.

In specific metrics, Pennsylvania ranked highest based on the number of physicians per capita, coming seventh.

It placed ninth based on the share of residents age 12 and above initiating vaccination and tenth in the number of insured adults.

The commonwealth also came in the upper half for adults with no dental visits in the past year (No. 15,) share of at-risk adults with no routine doctor visits over the past two years (No. 16,)  hospital beds per capita (No. 21,) and share of insured children (No. 24.)

Read the entire Health Care Systems report at WalletHub.

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