Normandy Farm, Blue Bell Country Club Releases Two New Private Labeled Beers in Partnership with Local Brewer

Normandy Farm Hotel
Image via Normandy Farm Hotel Facebook.
New IPA, Reap What You Sow.

Sister properties Normandy Farm and Blue Bell Country Club have partnered with King of Prussia-based Workhorse Brewing Company to release two new private-labeled beers.

On August 6, the brewery released Reap What You Sow and The Bell IPA at Normandy Farm Hotel’s “The Farmer’s Daughter” restaurant and Blue Bell Country Club, respectively.

Reap What You Sow IPA is a trendy rustic pint can that features a silhouette of the farmer’s daughter. The 6.7 percent ABV hazy, juicy hop-centric ale has a strong tropical, fruity character.

The new brew will be available for travelers and locals to enjoy at the indoor and outdoor bars and in the dining rooms and lounge, as well as during private events.

Meanwhile, Blue Bell Country Club members will now be able to order their own private labeled pint can that can be enjoyed on the golf course or at Arnie’s Restaurant.

The can’s design is sleek, with a remix of the classic Blue Bell shield. The New England IPA is 6.7 percent and offers a hazy and refreshing taste that is bursting with a delicious citrus tang.