Bedminster Township Resident Jolted to Learn His PECO ‘Service Reps’ Were Really Scam Artists

Bedford Township distraction burglary PECO
Image via Bedford Township Police Department.
Bedford Township Police are seeking this faux PECO truck and the men who used it in a local distraction burglary.

A pair of scam artists victimized a Bedminster home by posing as PECO serviceperson, according to a Bedminster Township Police Department report.

The incident happened when a resident unwittingly gave access to a pair of thieves. One kept the homeowner busy while the other took an undisclosed amount of cash.

The fraud victim had responded to a visitor on his doorstep, a “middle-aged white male with brown hair and wearing a reflective vest.”

Parked nearby was a four-door utility pickup truck.

The male at the door claimed he worked for PECO and that, owing to an upcoming planned outage, he would need to install a temporary generator onsite.

The resident let the scammer inside and out to a patio where the “generator” was to be placed. While the homeowner was busy, his accomplice robbed the home.

Bedford Township Police are seeking the van and any information from residents who may have been similarly approached.

If they show up on your own doorstep, do not engage them. Call 911 immediately. In addition, the following reminders can guard you against this kind of theft:

  • Never open your door to someone you do not recognize
  • Ask for a photo ID through a window
  • If a utility-related call or caller seems suspicious, call PECO at 800.494.4000
  • Report suspicious activities to the police
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