Large Project Approved for the Heart of Ardmore

ardmore piazza project rendering (1)
Images via Main Line Media News.
Ardmore Piazza Project rendering.

The Lower Merion Building and Planning Committee has recommended approval of a large-scale new project in Ardmore, writes Richard Ilgenfritz for Main Line Media News.

Often called the Piazza Project since it would take over two car dealerships with that name, the project will be developed along Lancaster Avenue, from Ardmore Avenue to Greenfield Avenue.

ardmore piazza project rendering 2
Ardmore Piazza Project rendering via Main Line Media News.

The developer plans to replace the car lots, an IHOP, and a parking lot with a five-story mixed-use building.

The project will have around 70,000 square feet of retail space, 279 apartment units, and 615 parking spaces.

Additionally, the developer is seeking approval for an underground layer with 90 more parking spaces for this Piazza Project.

The Piazza Project will also extend West Athens Avenue to Greenfield Avenue.

“It’s a large, significant project in the heart of Ardmore,” said Chris Leswing, director of the township’s building and planning department. “What’s proposed is to clean and scrape the entire site. All the buildings are going to be demolished, and then they’re going to be consolidated … into a very large signal parcel.”

However, not everybody is excited about the project. Board president Dan Bernheim called it troubling, adding that it does not “fit into the fabric of Ardmore.”

Read more about the project in Main Line Media News.

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