Lower Merion Fan Gets Signed Bat from Phillies Catcher J.T. Realmuto at MLB All-Star Game

boy gets signed bat from Phillie.
Twelve-year-old Matthew Borden, of Lower Merion Township, scored a baseball bat from Philadelphia Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto at the MLB All-Star Game.
Image via Instagram.

“I saw J.T. Realmuto the dugout and then he comes over and does like ‘one second,'” said Matthew. “(He) goes in the clubhouse, gets a Sharpie and a bat, and signs the bat and gives it to me.”

The boy and his father, Larry, drove to Colorado to watch some of their favorite players at Coors Field in Denver.

The Lower Merion twelve-year-old was flummoxed by this kind act.

“I couldn’t speak or anything,” he recalled.

And he was not the only one who was in shock, said his father.

“Everybody around couldn’t believe it,” he recalled. “It was a total class act to do what he did – change this kid’s life that’s for sure.”

The son and his father have both said that they will cherish that moment forever.

Read more about the game and J.T. Realmuto in 6abc.

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