Career Corner: LinkedIn Reveals Which Jobs Are Seeing a Hiring Increase in 2021

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With the pandemic forcing many companies to lay off employees, it has left a lot of workers suddenly looking for new jobs. Contrary to what you might think, open positions have not dwindled across the board. In fact, data from LinkedIn shows some fields are actually quite promising for prospective candidates.

Jennifer Liu of CNBC reports that LinkedIn analyzed what job openings became more prominent this year in comparison to 2020. These findings were based on monitoring more than 15,000 job titles to see which ones were appearing the most.

Likely to little surprise, health care job openings have grown this year.

However, maybe less obvious is that jobs such as warehouse workers and delivery drivers also saw significant growth—a 73% increase for these types of jobs, to be exact.

It appears that many of the jobs that are more prevalent now can be traced to the current needs based on health restrictions. For instance, loan and mortgage experts also are in higher demand, with a 59% increase since 2019. That is understandable, as it is no secret how much recent circumstances have impacted the real estate market.

The takeaway from all of this data appears to be that while many did indeed lose work due to the pandemic, it is not accurate to say that jobs are disappearing.

Rather, the open positions are merely shifting to other fields. So perhaps all that is needed is for more workers to examine how their skills could transfer to a position that they might not initially have considered.

For more information about what jobs you might want to check out as 2021 continues, read the article from CNBC here.


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