Career Corner: 8 Easy Attitude Adjustments to Stand Out in a Positive Way at Work

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Your advancement in a company often hinges on what distinguishes you as a worker. If there is nothing you have done that makes you remarkable in comparison to a dozen other people at the company, why should your boss be interested in promoting you?

If you have grown complacent, there are absolutely ways you can combat that. Courtesy of TechTello, here are eight easy attitude adjustments you can make to help you stand out and get noticed for the work you’re doing.

Take the Initiative

A lot of people don’t like getting involved in a project until someone else starts it. It’s easy to critique what others are doing or follow someone else’s blueprint. To really make your mark, don’t be afraid to be the first one to step forward when a challenge arises. People will remember that you volunteered in a moment where others were hesitant.

Be Flexible

When a plan doesn’t work out, are you the type to get frustrated and keep at a failed strategy until you give up? Or are you adaptable enough to stay composed, change course, and find a new route to success?

Be Positive

People often treat workplace gossip like an inevitability, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if others are engaging in badmouthing, don’t let that become what you are known for too.

You can be what changes the workplace culture. Compliment people for their hard work, and counteract the negativity. Nobody enjoys being around catty, mean people, so why stoop to being one yourself?

Don’t be Complacent

The most surefire way to fade into the background is to just do the minimum required to get by. Just like passion shows, it’s also evident when you have stopped caring. If you want to get noticed, the bare minimum isn’t going to cut it.

Be Healthy

Beyond just your physical health, make healthy choices in how you interact with others. Give constructive criticism to people who solicit it rather than just focusing on your own problems. A workforce is a team, which means you look out for each other.

Learn from Mistakes

Nobody likes screwing up, but it’s how you respond that matters. Instead of trying to pass the blame and dwelling on a setback, acknowledge you messed up and show you can learn from the moment.

Build Relationships

You aren’t going to get noticed keeping to yourself in your office. Take time to talk to your coworkers and let them get to know you. Give them something to say when people ask what kind of person you are.

Prepare for the Future

The workplace is always changing, which means so should you! Go out of your way to learn new skills. Maybe even enroll in a program like one of Wilmington University’s certificate programs to bolster your résumé.

You can virtually earn a certificate in all kinds of subject areas, adding another tool to your toolbox and showing you’re eager to keep learning.

It takes time and commitment to be someone to take notice of. It won’t happen overnight, but if you build these habits, you’re setting yourself up as a key player on the job.

To learn more about what you can be doing to distinguish yourself, read the article from TechTello by clicking here.


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