Wawa Support Message Carved into the French Countryside is Not What it Seems

"Allez Wawa" mowed into a French field.
Image via Eurosport.

It’s a case of mistaken identity at the international level but that didn’t keep rabid Wawa fans in the Philadelphia region from latching on, writes Michaela Winberg for billypenn.com.

A Finnish Twitter account shared the image of a message carved into a grass field in France, “Allez Wawa.”

It translates as “Go, Wawa.”

It’s actually a message of encouragement for a professional French cyclist named Warren Bargull. The 29-year-old is known affectionately as “Wawa.” Hence, “Allez Wawa.”

He rides for a professional team from Rennes, France, and is competing in this year’s Tour de France. He’s best known for winning two stages and the mountain classification of the 2017 Tour de France.

“Wawa’s” fans (the cyclist, not the convenience store) post messages of online and offline support.

This one was intercepted in Philadelphia and co-opted for our own use.

A couple of hours in and there were a dozen regional responses to the phrase. Some commended Wawa (the convenience store, not the cyclist) for successfully going international.

Others used the moment to attack Sheetz, Wawa’s competitor (the convenience store, not the cyclist). “Even the snobby, snooty French understand that Wawa is better than Sheetz,” wrote @MattsMusings.

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